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Levels of Relationship


Transactional Only


At this level, we act on a strictly transactional basis. We offer you access to investments and insurance products on a commission basis. Review meetings are offered on an as-needed basis, and phone calls are always welcome.

Financial Planning for a Fee Only

Here we work with you on a fee-for-planning only basis, focusing on creating a financial plan that assesses your present financial condition and determines your goals and objectives, and then developing written strategies to enable you to move closer to those goals and objectives. Even though you will be able to implement the plan through whatever financial services provider you choose, you will still have access to the resources of the firm to help guide you, but ultimately you will be responsible for the management of your investments. Reviews will be conducted annually, and phone calls are welcome anytime.

Advice and Implementation


In this level of relationship, we will work with you to learn about your needs and goals, and then develop recommendations to help you achieve your financial goals, security, and independence. These recommendations will be based upon your financial situation, but will not be formalized in a full written financial plan. We will then help you implement the recommendations on an asset-based fee or a transactional basis, which may result in a transactional fee. We will continue to work with you in an ongoing collaborative fashion. Review meetings are conducted at least annually, and phone calls are welcome anytime.


Financial Planning and Implementation


This is the highest and most sophisticated level of achievement for both our clients and ourselves – it is the goal we strive for when working with our clients. At this level, we collaborate with you in developing, implementing, and maintaining your financial plan. In this level of relationship, many of our clients seek our input on matters far beyond those “which investment when” questions. We often meet their parents and children, discuss end-of-life planning issues, and become a part of the bigger financial issues surrounding their life. The financial plan is done for a fee, and the strategies are implemented either on an asset-based fee or a transactional basis, which may result in a transactional fee. Review meetings are conducted periodically, and phone calls are welcome anytime. This level is often where our clients refer others who they feel would benefit from the services we offer.