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Planning Process


In the first  first step of the process, you will meet one-on-one with your advisor.  You will spend time getting to know him, and he you.  He will take time to learn about your unique situation and determine whether or not we can help you and you can determine if you want our help.


We will discover how you think about money and how you are currently managing your financial matters.  We will understand your individual tolerance for risk, establish quantifiable goals, and collect your confidential personal information.


Your advisors will then analyze your situation to see if the steps you are taking will reach your goals, or if there is a short fall.  If ther is a short fall your adviosr will develop a strategy to help you reach your goals.


If we find that your goals are not being met, your advisor will outline the strategy and educate you of the pros and cons of each option.  With your full understanding of the options, you and your advisor will be able to custom tailor your plan to meet your needs.


Once you have decided upon the course of action, we help you execute the plan, including account transfers, asset reallocations, and insurance applications.


Your ongoing relationship gives you someone by your side who can give you advice as the challenges of life occur.